Changes made for workshop at handicapped development center due to eliminated funding

Local News

A place of solitude for people with disabilities in the Quad Cities is making some changes.

The Handicapped Development Center offers people with disabilities a chance to work, but money is disappearing. So are some of the opportunities that go along with it. Money for the workshop came from the Eastern Iowa Mental Health and Disability Region. That will be cut next year.

Managers at the center are now preparing for that reality.

Carol Foster, Chief Administration Officer at HDC says, “Funding for the workshop is going away, but what we like to emphasize is that the workshop is not closing, it’s just changing.”

Most clients will move into a day habilitation service where clients will go out into the community, and do social activities. 

A few will move in the HDC Enterprise that was started last year. The highest skilled workers will transition to regular HDC employees. There are a handfull of clients who won’t have either option.

“The reason being is they don’t have the diagnosis that is necessary so they don’t have the funding that follows them. These are people who may have a brain injury or that have autism as their primary diagnosis, so that’s another thing we have to figure out. We haven’t quite figured that out yet, but we’re not going to leave them out in the cold.”

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