Chick-Fil-A gets help from local restaurant

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LeClaire, Iowa — One local business is coming to the aid of one of its competitors.

The Chick-Fil-A in Northpark Mall has been taking a hit since the pandemic.

Now, it’s getting help from What BBQ & Bar in LeClaire.

What BBQ is closed on Mondays.

On these days, What is opening up their take out window for Chick-Fil-A.

It’s a big help to Chick-Fil-A who, despite being part of a national brand, is still locally owned.

You can get their sandwiches this Monday, May 4.

The branch’s owner Josh Norton says the gesture means a lot.

“This is how I feed my family. This is how I keep people employed to feed their families. And What BBQ and other local places are the same way. So for them to reach out and offer that is huge. It shows the community.”

This Monday will be the trial, and if it goes well, What BBQ says they will look at whether or not to have them back on a consistent basis.

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