Kids are turning off their tablets. Signing out of their devices. Ready to get back into the real world after a year online.

“It was an artificial reality last year. We did the best we could, but this… is living life,” a local parent explained.

Therapists emphasize how important it is for children to play outdoors and to stay active. “Over the past 18 months or so with the pandemic, they have just had kind of a two-dimensional view of the world they have been experiencing things on screen such as school, friendship, family relationships.”

Adjusting to a virtual routine wasn’t easy. Children often learn best when surrounded by various interactive stimuli. When they can laugh and play with their peers rather than faceless online avatars.

Parents explain the mental and emotional toll this caused families across the Quad Cities and the country.
“We noticed behavioral changes when he spends too much time on his tablet it’s almost like an addiction happens you’re taking away his fix almost and so if we could keep that limited then he’s more balanced.” Taylor described, “It was almost torture for a kid like him to be inside the house.”

With summer events like the Jr. Bix, child behavioral experts note the value active social events hold in a child’s development. So kids can go back to doing what they do best… being kids and having fun.

One therapist explained, “Play is kid’s natural language it’s how they communicate, how they develop, things how they process things. Where as adults we use words, kids use play, having those opportunities is so important in their emotional, social, physical development.”

There’s still time for kids to log off their devices and get back out into the world before summer ends.