Chiropractors adjusting the way they see patients

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Chiropractors are still seeing patients during the pandemic, however they’ve had to adjust how they work on people.

Doctor Dan Neises says that he’s cleaning his office and equipment more heavily, and limiting the amount of contact his patients are having with each other.

“We’re taking any and all necessary precautions to keep everything in the office sanitized, disinfected, wiping down between each patient,” Neises said We’re scheduling accordingly, so that there’s not any overlap with patients coming in the office.”

Neises says that chiropractic adjustments can help keep your body’s defenses strong.

“Chiropractic does wonders to boost the immune system,” Neises said. “A well functioning immune system is going to help fight any virus, any colds you may pick up. Not saying it’s gonna cure or fix coronavirus, but it can help boost your immune system.”

Neises also says that visits to your chiropractor can be beneficial to the heath care system
While doctors and hospitals are focusing on fighting coronavirus.

“I think people know this is a good thing, we are an essential business,” Neises said. “If you do have an acute lower back issue or a neck problem, you should go see your chiropractor, and stay out of the emergency rooms and stay away from your medical doctor, they actually don’t want to see you right now.”

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