Downtown Moline is starting to get into the holiday spirit today as crews brought the 2023 Christmas tree to the Vibrant Arena in Moline. Kevin Snodgrass, Director of Operations for the Vibrant Arena, spoke with Our Quad Cities News about this year’s tree.

“It’s a 45 foot blue spruce,” he said. “It’s probably the largest tree we’ve ever had, for weight, height and width.” The tree weighed in at a hefty 7,300 pounds, or more than three tons. This year’s tree was donated by Scott and Susan Young of Davenport. The tree had been in their yard for years, but was outgrowing the space, so they donated it so more people could enjoy it. “It was a huge tree in the community,” Snodgrass says. “Everybody came out to see it, they were sad to see it go.”

He estimates it will take 30-40,000 lights to decorate the enormous tree. Crews will be decorating it over the next couple of weeks to get it ready in time for the Lighting of the Commons on November 18.

“It looks great for all the holiday parties we have during the holiday season,” said Snodgrass. “It’s a downtown piece of art.”