Christmas yard visitors give toys…. and the gift of life

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Henry’s Christmas Yard is already in the giving spirit. This afternoon they held their 3rd annual Season Of Giving event where people could donate blood, toys, and food. Anyone that donated received a $1 off coupon for a drink at Kona Ice.

Organizer Scott Hildebrand gives back to the community as often as he can. This was the 5th food drive that he has held this year.

“I’m a very strong believer in donating blood products because everybody will know somebody that needed a blood product.”

One local man, Kurt Frank filled his entire SUV with toys just to donate them for this drive and he donated over 80% of the toys this year.

“I love to donate toys because it gives me a chance to number one put them together, but I also don’t have any kids so I like to play with them ahead of time and then I donate them, but they’re not used. They are all in good shape.”

Frank bought all sorts of toys including bicycles, scooters, and baseball equipment. He buys toys throughout the year to donate them for Season Of Giving.

“I look for sales and whenever there’s a sale I go in and for example you buy sleds in the summer time when they’re on sale or you buy them on Black Friday when everything goes on sale. So the back of my car was very full this year.”

Hildebrand says that it’s amazing see Frank drive up to the yard with his SUV filled with toys.

“It is one of those things where it’s like what one person can do for so many over just one day it’s just amazing”

Frank loves toys and he still remembers his favorite toy from his childhood.

“The electric train, but I’m old. Nowadays you don’t see many kids who like electric trains.”

Henry’s Christmas Yard will be accepting food donations to the end of the year. You can visit the yard at 1504 26th Avenue in Moline

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