Chuck E. Cheese shooter sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison

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Treshonda Marie Pollion, 24, of Davenport.

Treshonda Pollion

“She killed six people that day.”

The mother of a slain Davenport woman spoke tearfully Friday when another Davenport woman was sentenced to 10 years in prison for her daughter’s death on Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020.

A judge ordered 25-year-old Treshonda Pollion to serve 10 years for voluntary manslaughter.

“It’s a mandatory 10-year incarceration sentence,” State’s Attorney Mike Walton said during the Scott County Court sentencing hearing held via Zoom. “This was a tragic event resulting in the death of Eloise Chairs, the mother of five children.”

Many witnesses, including children, saw the shooting, which was recorded on video, he said.

“Ms. Pollion was legally carrying a firearm in the restaurant,” Walton said.

Pollion’s attorney, Mike Motto, echoed what Walton said. “She legally owned the gun,” he said, and brandished it during an altercation that got out of control.

When Pollion was asked whether she wanted to say anything, she replied “I don’t have anything, your honor.”

A victim speaks

Angela Chairs, the mother of Eloise Chairs, cried when she spoke about her daughter’s death.

“She killed six people that day: My daughter and her five kids,” Angela Chairs said. “She ruined five kids’ lives. No matter how good their dads are, she ruined their lives. She ruined me.”

Her daughter, Angela Chairs said, “worked long and hard hours to provide. She had a baby girl that was three weeks and six days old.”

“I just can’t believe this nightmare. Look what you have done to her kids. They all live in different cities. This is something she would have never wanted,” Angela Chairs said. “She was a good mom.”

She again addressed Pollion. “You had nothing to do with the argument. The argument was with her and the other lady about a game card. You killed my daughter over a $10 game card.”

“No apology, no ‘I’m sorry for her kids that have no mom.’ This is ridiculous. It’s just horrible,” Angela Chairs said. “In front of 40 other kids. Why did she do it? She can’t even give me that.”

The shooting

After police responded to the scene in October, a witness told Local 4 News an injured person was lying on the floor in the restaurant at 903 E. Kimberly Road.

Eloise Chairs, 29, of Davenport, was pronounced dead after being transported from Chuck E. Cheese to Genesis East with a neck wound.

Pollion will be transported to the Iowa Department of Corrections facility in Mitchellville.

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