Some local churches are coming together to honor victims of gun violence by conducting a t-shirt campaign throughout the month of September.

They joined forces in a group called People Uniting Neighbors and Churches, which they refer to as PUNCH.

Local 4 News spoke with the Senior Pastor of St. John’s United Methodists Church Jeff Dadisman, who said that, 15 years ago, People Uniting Neighbors and Churches came together to address neighborhood concerns.

“One of the needs that we saw was that came out of that association was the number of losses to gun violence,” he said.

After connecting with a national program called Memorial of the Lost, this allowed PUNCH to raise awareness in the Quad Cities. They started a t-shirt display to honor those lost to gun violence. Since its start, the amount of shirts has significantly grown.

“We have 48 t-shirts…we have 48 families. That’s just a lot of loss,” he said. “There’s adults… there’s babies. If you go around the corner there’s two pink shirts of a 3-year-old and 4-year-old sister. So there’s all ages that have been taken from us.”

Every Saturday volunteers help relocate the shirts to a new church location, where they are displayed for a week. PUNCH is hoping to use this movement, to help bring peace to those who are grieving the loss of their loved ones.

“Then as we get them located, and stand with the volunteers, we want that to be hopefully a peaceful healing experience for anybody that has had a loss,” he said. “This is a reminder to the community that people are hurting we hope that this is symbol then that gives them peace and a little comfort. And we’re just standing with those that have been affected in this way,” Dadisman said.

The campaign ends Sept. 25 with an event at Centennial Park in Davenport.