The City of Davenport and City Administrator Corri Spiegel have announced a transition in leadership as of Jan. 2, 2024, according to a news release from Tom Warner, corporation counsel.

Spiegel’s tenure with the city “has been marked by numerous significant achievements and a steadfast commitment to the City’s operational pillars: vibrant region, well-protected community, welcoming neighborhoods, sustainable infrastructure, fiscal vitality, and high-performing government.

Corri Spiegel

One of her most notable contributions has been her relentless commitment to the professional development of her team. She conceptualized the Davenport Strengths Institute, which has received international recognition for its success in talent development. Her commitment to building a team-centric culture is illustrative of the successes the organization has achieved across a multitude of service areas, the release says.

“Under Ms. Spiegel’s leadership, the City of Davenport has experienced substantial economic development accomplishments. Notably, these achievements include the retention and expansion of Kraft Heinz, the attraction of major investments form Sterilite and Amazon, and significant commercial growth along the City’s 53rd Street corridor.,” the release says.

The release continues: “These endeavors have not only strengthened our local economy but also solidified Davenport’s position as a regional economic center. Ms. Spiegel’s focus on the future needs of our community is evident in the identification of an infrastructure planning for the City’s next major employment center along I-280 an the revitalization strategy for the City Centre area including NorthPark Mall. These projects will play a pivotal role in shaping Davenport’s economic future.”

“Ms. Spiegel has ensured that the City’s public safety departments have the resources necessary to serve and protect the community. This includes focusing on the future of policing through innovative initiatives like crime analysis, CAP (Coordinated Assessment Program,) and GVI (Group Violence Intervention.) These efforts have contributed to a safer and more secure community,” the release says.

According to the release, “Furthermore, her leadership has been instrumental in overseeing various major initiatives, such as the conceptualization and successful implementation of the $40.9 million American Rescue Plan (ARPA) program and the strategic goal-setting process that has fed to the annual adoption of a work plan and monthly updates. These reports have garnered acclaim from leaders in other communities for their effectiveness and transparency. The dedication to fostering an organizational culture connected to the principles of fiscal restraint, budget discipline, and effectively leveraging external financial resources has led to a markedly improved financial position recognized through increased bond ratings.”

“Additionally Ms. Spiegel has worked tirelessly to restore and establish strong working relationships with federal, state, and local partners, which has proven invaluable in securing resources and support for the City’s initiatives. Most recently, this included the successful negotiation of a $10 million community investment fund as part of the Canadian Pacific-Kansas City Southern (CPKC) railway merger, which has since been leveraged to secure additional funds dedicated to Destination Iowa for the development of the $20 million Main Street Landing project, a $7.7 million FRA grant for the grade separation crossing at South Concord, and the $2.7 million CRISI grant for quiet zones in the community,” the release continues.

The release concludes: “City Administrator Corri Spiegel has played a pivotal role in positioning Davenport for a prosperous future. Her leadership, dedication, and numerous accomplishments have left an indelible mark on our community. As we move forward, the City of Davenport expresses its gratitude for her outstanding service and is confident she will enjoy continued success in her future endeavors.”