City council members could lift or keep pit-bull ban

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Muscatine’s pit-bull restriction went into place in 2003, and now the city code prohibits pit-bull dogs within the city. But city council members could lift or keep the ban.

Vanessa Lopez is an advocate when it comes to lifting the ban. She says dogs behave in the way they are raised.

“It’s just all based upon their environment their owners and their training and socializing that they get,” said Lopez.

But Lopez and other supporters still may face opposition in city council.

“You know I’m an advocate of maintaining our pit-bull ban. There’s no question in my mind: For a safe community, we need to have a pit-bull ban and we need to enforce it,” said John Jindrich, city council member.

Another council member agreed with Jindrich. “Put it on the table. I am currently opposed to pulling the breed restriction. I think it needs to stay as is, like I said last spring, until we become responsible dog owners,” said council member Peggy Gordon.

Freedom Malik says breed bans affect healthy dogs who end up being killed because of their breed.

“Legislation like this that’s put in place leads to a higher percentage or a higher amount types of dogs being euthanized for no reason,” said Malik.

One council member believes the ban could be lifted if it’s done in stages.

The council is looking at a stage process “where we go from where we’re at from to potentially having breed restriction but not breed ban, and then down the road as we have fully improved our code to make sure things are working out.” Then the council could move to “completely removing the breed specification that we have,” said Kelcey Brackett, city council member.

Muscatine Animal Control responds to 80-90 pit bull calls per year, even with the ban in place.

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