The City of Clinton was awarded a $500,000 grant from the Clinton County Development Association (CCDA) on Tuesday to support the city’s Fiber-Optic Ring Network Project.

The CCDA is a non-profit sponsor of the license for the Wild Rose Casino & Resort in Clinton, a news release says. The CCDA provides financial assistance through grant programs for local organizations and charities in Clinton County and has financially contributed to a plethora of projects over the last 30 years.  

The project is a public-private partnership investment with Miles Communications. The investment serves multiple purposes and will provide a fully constructed fiber-optic ring network throughout Clinton to allow available conduit for current and new businesses, home-based businesses and a critical edge for education at all levels, the release says.

In addition, the project provides an increased security element through the use of dark fiber network to 16 city-owned facilities, five county facilities and to the four Clinton elementary schools, the middle school and to the high school. The fiber-optic ring will have fiber network redundancy (a safety net), so if something happens to the primary fiber cable, service will not be interrupted.

The fiber optic network will cover and extend throughout the entire City and will reach the Industrial Rail and Air Park. Mayor Maddasion stated the fiber-optic ring network would be “…a game-changer for not only businesses but the citizens of the City of Clinton.”

CCDA President Les Shields was joined by CCDA Vice Pres. Dave Sivright, CCDA Secretary Dr. Peg Wolf and CCDA Directors Jerome Burken and Rita Hart at the Tuesday City Council meeting. “The CCDA in our 30-year history has never written a check this large [as the one for the fiber project],” Shields said. “We hope it goes to great lengths to bring the new investment and development in Clinton to fruition.”