The City of Galesburg launched a citizen satisfaction survey this week to gather citizen feedback on city programs, services, and quality of life in Galesburg. The survey will be administered by ETC Institute via mail, phone, and online, a news release says.

The goal of the survey is to analyze satisfaction and priority ratings from citizens to guide the pursuits and decisions of the Galesburg City Council. In addition, information collected will be used to quantify current viewpoints on goals recently established as part of the City of Galesburg’s strategic plan.

ETC will mail the survey to a random sample of households, along with a postage prepaid envelope to return the completed survey or a link to complete the survey online. ETC staff will make follow-up calls, as well as send follow-up text messages or emails to those selected to participate. At least 400 completed surveys will be collected, and ETC will monitor the distribution of the sample to ensure it reasonably reflects the demographic composition of the City with regard to age, geographic dispersion, gender, ethnicity, and other factors. Any citizen that did not receive a survey, but would like to share their opinions, may pick up a survey from Galesburg City Hall. In order to maintain the integrity of the distribution, these survey results will not be included in the statistically valid study results tabulated by ETC but will still be aggregated, reviewed, and considered by the city.

Many of the survey questions are standardized questions utilized by ETC in communities across the country, which allows Galesburg to benchmark our community against average ratings in other communities. In addition, other questions were developed specifically by the City of Galesburg in order to gain insights from community members on particular issues impacting our community, as well as gather baseline approval ratings for goals included in the recently developed strategic plan.

“One of the advantages of having ETC administer the survey is the access to benchmarking offered through their standardized questions,” said Interim City Manager Wayne Carl. “This provides context for the responses we are receiving from our citizens and helps us better understand where to implement change in our pursuit of continuous improvement.”

Questions included in the survey touch on many important community topics, including overall satisfaction with city services, quality of life, city communication and customer service, public safety, property maintenance, transportation, parks and recreation, and input on the pursuit of a community center.

The survey is being administered by ETC Institute, one of the leading firms in local government research. Established in 1982, ETC Institute is a Kansas-based company that has administered surveys in more than 900 cities and counties in 49 states since 2009. Individual survey responses are confidential and are not released or provided to the city. ETC will present the aggregate results of the survey at a Galesburg City Council meeting upon completion of the survey.