City leaders advocate for creation of bi-state funding mechanism

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There’s a push to start a new group that gets Iowa and Illinois to work closer together and strengthen the Quad Cities.

City leaders, and the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce announced their plan Tuesday to create a bi-state entity.

It’s called the Quad Cities Regional Metropolitan Authority. It would let leaders from Scott and Rock Island Counties make decisions together to benefit the Quad Cities as a whole.

City leaders are taking the next step towards making the Quad Cities an even greater place to live, work, and visit by 2030.

“We can now begin dreaming a little bigger, and take a look at those projects that would benefit all Quad Cities citizens,” says Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms.

Paul Rumler, President and CEO, of the Quad Cities Chamber, “Every Quad Citizen wants to live in a place that makes them happy, that they have a great quality of life and that prosperous income, and family life is really what this is about.”

City leaders plan to create a bi-state regional funding mechanism called the Quad Cities Regional Metropolitan Authority. It will allow for investment in quality of life, and infrastructure initiatives in the region. Rumler says the plan will focus on 6 key area.

“Funds could be used for Riverfront development including flood mitigation, regional planning, and economic development, transportation and infrastructure improvements, cultural, and recreational amenities, cultivation, and natural resource,” says Rumler

The first step will happen over the next few weeks. City leaders will ask both Iowa and Illinois lawmakers to file legislation to create the metropolitan authority.

Rumler says, “There will be a board that’s created and appointments will be created by non elected officials by our local government and this will have the authority to collect funds from private sources other donations, state, local and federal grants, or local tax revenues if they decide that’s the way they want to go. That’s Phase 1. “

Phase two would involve talking about projects they want to advance, and saying phase two won’t happen without phase one being successful.

If the board decides they need to have a local tax collection they would have to get a public referendum to get support from voters in Rock Island, and Scott Counties at the same time in order for that to happen.

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