The City of Galesburg issued a statement regarding the temporary closure of Cottage Hospital and Cottage Clinic filing for bankruptcy:

Galesburg, IL (January 11, 2022)    The City of Galesburg is cognizant of Cottage Hospital’s temporary closure, as well as the Cottage Clinic filing for bankruptcy. The city is monitoring this developing situation and communicating with local stakeholders to assess the impact on the community and the role the City might play in providing assistance.

Cottage Hospital has served the community for over 100 years and played an important role, both as a healthcare provider and major employer. The City values Cottage Hospital and all of the employees that have worked hard to serve the community.

The Galesburg community is well served by multiple healthcare providers, ambulance service, and EMS to help keep citizens safe and meet their healthcare needs. OSF has a strong local and regional presence with OSF St. Mary’s Hospital located in Galesburg. As a result, the area has and will continue to have a strong healthcare support system.

“It is unfortunate that Cottage Hospital is going through difficult times, and we are thinking of the many employees and patients affected by the situation,” said Galesburg Mayor Peter Schwartzman. “The City is evaluating avenues to provide assistance to help strengthen our community, lessen the impact of this situation, and ensure the needs of the community are met.”

While this is a unique and quickly evolving situation, which will likely take time to resolve, the City will continue to keep the lines of communication open with local partners to assess any support the City may be able to provide. The Mayor and Council are invested in supporting our community and will continue to monitor the effects of Cottage Hospital’s temporary closure, and work to ensure quality healthcare availability for citizens.

City of Galesburg