The City of Bettendorf is welcoming a new addition to its City Council.

On Tuesday, the City Council approved the appointment of Nick Palczynski to fulfill the role and responsibilities of 5th Ward Council Member.

Nick Palczynski (contributed photo)

Palczynski fills the vacancy left by Scott Webster, who was elected to the State Senate in November 2022.

“I am humbled and honored to be selected as the next Council Member of the 5th Ward,” said Palczynski. “I have a lot to learn and I am eager to represent my constituents. The city of Bettendorf is a great place to raise a family and I look forward to making a meaningful contribution to the growth of our community.” 

During its special meeting on Tuesday, City Council members heard presentations from three applicants: Beth Aronson, Austin Blunk, and Nick Palczynski. During his presentation, Palczynski said he was born and raised in Bettendorf and more than a year ago, returned to the City with his wife and three children.

“During the past four years, I have built sales organizations for companies that are on the leading edge of technology – specifically focused on computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence,” he told City Council. “My family and I have had the opportunity to live in many different communities, which has afforded me an opportunity to see how other communities operate. These unique experiences allow me to bring a new perspective to the City of Bettendorf while leveraging the skills I have developed in my personal and professional career.”

“We really appreciate Beth, Austin, and Nick’s interest in this position,” said Mayor Bob Gallagher. “All three – as two business owners and somebody with experience in business, raising their families here and doing the work that they’ve done here – make them incredible contributors to the City.”

Palczynski will be sworn in during the City Council’s Committee of the Whole Meeting on Monday, Feb. 6.