Iowans for Bodily Autonomy will hold a “Rock for Reproductive Freedom” event on Sept. 3rd from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Fire Station Park, 344 3rd Ave. S., Clinton.

The event aims to inform the public of changes to reproductive rights and what that means for Iowans in the wake of the repeal of Roe v. Wade, according to a group release.

Speakers will share their personal experiences and information on how to protect these rights. The event will also feature food trucks and live music.

Tori Arbach is founder and CEO of the abortion rights group, Iowans for Bodily Autonomy.

“This event is important to me as it is the catalyst event to help drive the final momentum toward the home stretch of the upcoming elections,” Tori Arbach, founder/CEO of Iowans for Bodily Autonomy, said Monday by e-mail. “As human rights are restricted across the country in states like Texas, Oklahoma, and Ohio, Iowa is well on its way to joining these states in restrictive policies. I4BA’s first line of defense to this in Iowa is encouraging folks to vote.

The Sept. 3 Clinton rally will include accessible voter registration and information about district polling locations. It will also have face-to-face time with candidates so people can connect with them and share the issues they are passionate about and want to see from folks who want the votes, Arbach said.

“For me as a woman, the changes in Iowa threaten my life,” she said. “This means more to me than as a woman. These are fundamental human rights. The restrictive policies that are currently enacted across the country are a threat to human beings who mean more than the reproductive parts these restrictive laws seek to diminish them to.

“I am among other individuals who share a passion for the rising danger and want to keep our community humane and safe,” Arbach said, noting the planned speakers are from various intersectionalities.

To learn more about Iowans for Bodily Autonomy, contact Tori Arbach at, 563-249-7241, or Hannah Nurrieum at 563-519-2212.