A grant for firefighters is helping the Clinton Fire Department (CFD) save even more lives.

The department received $47,181 through the 2023 Assistance to Firefighters Grant. The funds allowed the department to buy three additional LUCAS Chest Compression System devices, in addition to the single LUCAS device already used by the department.

Clinton firefighters show off three new LUCAS systems. (Clinton Fire Department)

The LUCAS Chest Auto-Compression system helps cardiac arrest patients by delivering AHA guideline-consistent, high-quality chest compressions, even under difficult conditions and for extended periods of time. This helps reduce the risk of injury to caregivers and frees them up to perform other lifesaving work.

Manual CPR provides a blood flow rate of 30% to 40% to the brain, but the LUCAS device increases the blood flow rate to 60%. Using the LUCAS device allows first responders to provide high-quality care by focusing on the patient’s underlying condition. It allows resources to be used more efficiently during transport and increases the safety of first responders.

When combined with CPR from bystanders and early defibrillation, also called public access AED, studies have shown that using the LUCAS system results in a 2.4% increase in the patient regaining a pulse and/or heartbeat.

The CFD put the LUCAS Chest Compression System devices into service on October 5, with a device placed inside each one of their four ambulances.

For more information on the LUCAS Chest Compression System, click here.