Clinton man has shed and fence destroyed from severe weather

Local News

Clinton was hit very hard from the storm last night. Clinton County is one of many that Governor Reynolds has declared a disaster area, which means they are eligible for federal aid.

Tree’s are down all over Clinton, and one was in the middle of a road. Local Four News spoke with one neighbor who had some property damage.

David Martensen just moved into his new house in Clinton a couple weeks ago. Last night was a wild one and it’s one that he will never forget.

“I came home. I came with my mom in a car and we came here to see the damage at my house and I witnessed branches and tree’s laying on my shed here and it’s pretty devastating. I was pretty frightened.”

As the severe weather was rolling in, Martensen immediately went to his mother’s house to pick her up and get her to safety.

“I can’t really get her down in the basement so I figured it would be safer to get her in a car and find some shelter somewhere. So we found kind of like an overpass to just hide under.”

Matensen didn’t have any damage to his house, but his shed and fence in his backyard weren’t so lucky.

“I was renting another house up in the north end of town, central part of town and I loaded it up on a trailer and just brought it down here because I thought it would be a nice little extra shed to keep lawnmowers and stuff in and I wasn’t really expecting a limb to fall on it and destroy it the way it did.”

Considering the extent of the storm, Martensen knows it could have been a lot worse.

“I was surprised that was all there was. It was just a shed. I’m not complaining at all.”

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