‘Coffee and Careers’; New way local career counselors are reaching out to students

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It’s not the school year anyone had planned for, but students still need to find ways to plan for their futures. That’s why career counselors for local school districts are finding creative ways to help students prepare for college and jobs.

The Bettendorf future ready coach and the Pleasant Valley career coordinator teamed up to create 20 minute videos full of career and life advice called Coffee and Careers.

“I think that this gives that local information and it gives them a chance to think about what they want to do and that’s really what Mrs. Hoyt’s job and mine is here at the school is not to tell them this is the career they have to have, but this is a way that you can get to what you want to do,” said Mary Johnson, Pleasant Valley career coordinator.

The videos will be posted once a month covering two topics.

While students may not need every piece of information from these videos, their hope is that each month students will be able to take away something from these videos.

“I really encourage my students to explore career clusters that they have never ever considered before and if the end result is still that they hate it and they will never do that career cluster, at least they’re certain in that,” said Haleigh Hoyt, Bettendorf High School future ready coach.

The videos are up on the schools YouTube page.

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