Cold doesn’t mean slowing down for owner of ice cream shop

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While Quad-Citians deal with frigid temperatures outdoors, owning an ice cream shop is a year-round job inside and out.

One such Quad-City shop is gearing up to reopen after closing for the winter months. Sweet Delite in Davenport closed at the end of October for an even-tougher off-season because of the pandemic.

Sweet Delite closes for the winter, but despite not being open when the weather gets cold the business keeps owner Alan Goacher busy.

“The ice cream store is kind of an all-year job, even in the winter, because with COVID-19 and everything we are having problems getting some items that we need throughout the year,” Goacher said. “It takes longer to get them because places have been closed and other states have not been producing some items we use.”

When it’s cold out, Goacher helps his father, Bruce Goacher, with a towing business. In the meantime, he has been doing some maintenance and expanding Sweet Delite.

“We did some work to the building this winter here when it was nice. We put some new windows in and we bought the neighbors’ yard and moved over a little bit and got the tree out of there,” Alan Goacher said. Expanding the property will make it more enjoyable for customers.

“We’re moving over a little bit and making more room for more parking and more seating for customers and make it a better place each year,” he said.

Among the most important items at an ice cream shop is the menu. Sweet Delite has more than 70 items on the menu, and Goacher always looks to add more.

“We look all winter,” he said. “We try to go to different ice cream stores and look at new trends and flavors and new products online. There’s a network through Cisco where we can see all the items they have out and new sundae toppings or ice cream flavors that are trending across the United States.”

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