Stormy weather over the weekend left Colona Mayor Rich Holman requesting that residents curtail their water usage.

A water well pump was believed to be struck by lightning, shutting it down. The city was able to find a quick fix for the summer months and a full repair is expected for sometime in the fall.

“We’re assuming that got hit by lightning,” Holman said. “Well went down, pump stopped working, so we had to merge our other downtown pump with this well to make sure that the city had full water usuage.”

It was originally thought it would be about a week before repairs would be done, but upon further review, repairs can be made and completed today.

“By the end of today, we should be back to normal well usage and the city will not have to conserve water after today.”

A full repair of the water pump will be scheduled for sometime in the fall, when water usage is down compared to its summer months. Total costs for repairs are said to be in the range of $15-20,000, but luckily repairs only cost the city a couple thousand.

No boil order was issued as crews merged their downtown pump to counteract the loss.