Colona food pantry navigating service after losing food to power outages

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“We lost two refrigerators full of things, we lost all the salads, all the milk, it had to be thrown out.”

That’s what happened to some of the reserves at Colona township food pantry since Monday’s storms knocked out power, Janna Miller DeDecker said, and the losses could’ve been worse.

“We did get some generators,” DeDecker said. “Unfortunately we didn’t get them quite fast enough to save all our food, otherwise we would’ve had to thrown all our food in our freezers as well.”

The pantry serves about 15 families in Colona on a typical week, but say they think there will be more need in the days ahead.

“We’ve talked to people that they’ve lost everything in their refrigerators, ” DeDecker said. “They lost a lot of the food that they had ..the people who came to us the week before, you know, got their order the week before. They’ve lost their stuff.”

The pantry gets its food from River Bend Foodbank, and says they’re concerned that donations to the bank will be down, which will affect how much food they’ll be able to give out later on.

“With all this happening, so many places that donate to River Bend, they were without power,” DeDecker said. “So Jewel Osco, Walmart, all those places were down. So if they had to throw away their stuff, then River Bend won’t have as many donations as we’d normally get.”

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