Community Home Partners in Rock Island is welcoming a new CEO, John Chow, who will succeed Susan Anderson.

She led Community Home Partners (CHP) as CEO for 22 years, and is retiring in January 2022. Chow comes to the organization from the Housing Authority of Joliet, Ill., where he acted as the Chief of Staff and Chief of Development and Operations for the past eight years.

His career started with the Housing Authority of Joliet out of college (graduating from Iowa State in 1987), but he later found himself back in his hometown of Chicago for nearly 14 years. There, Chow climbed the career ladder and gained a wealth of knowledge while managing over 200 buildings at the University of Chicago, working his way up to director of construction management, according to a Monday release from CHP.

“As his passion began to outweigh his drive to further his career, John found his way back to Joliet, where he applied his skills and knowledge to continue the work of affordable housing and helping those in need,” the release said.

Affordable housing was started as an avenue for those in need, but it was not meant to become a generational housing situation, Chow said in the release. The goal now is to build homes for those in need while building up tenants’ lives.

“Through the CHP self-sufficiency program THRIVE, community members can advance their education, gain financial literacy, and ultimately work and save toward buying homes of their own,” he said. “CHP’s work has paved a path to rewriting a long-standing perception of public housing, the release said.

“We’re not just building homes; we’re building communities that will have an impact on the city,” Chow said, noting: “Our job as servant leaders is to properly portray the impact this kind of program can have on the community.”

Chow is motivated to bring that passion to CHP, the Rock Island community, and the QC region. “I want to build on the pillars already here by reimagining what affordable housing looks like, re-writing the perception of public housing, and establishing a longstanding relationship between CHP and the entire community,” he said in the release.

The future of affordable housing will be seen as a community enhancement, built to provide the stepping stones for members to frame a better life.

Susan Anderson will retire in January after leading the Rock Island Housing Authority for 22 years.

Chow said previous CEO Susan Anderson has done a tremendous job setting the foundation for where these programs can go. He aims to have a stronger connection not only with the city, but community leaders and all stakeholders within the region.

“I am excited to be starting this adventure in Rock Island along with my family,” he said, noting he’s in the last leg of his career and often thinks about how his work will be reflected in his legacy.

CHP properties include: