Community Spotlight: Little Sprouts

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Little Sprouts Daycare and Preschool is meeting a need for parents in a small city and surrounding communities.

It’s hard to say it’s always a smooth ride with 150 Little Sprouts but this daycare center has found a way to make it work.

Little Sprouts co-founder Stacy Lamoreux said, “One day can be totally chaotic with these children and then another day they just need love and hugs.”

It’s been nearly four years since Stacy Lamoreux, Cari Simons and a third partner took their passion and grew a place for kids.

Little Sprouts co-founder Cari Simons said, “I started off with my own home daycare when the idea came about.”

To start off this new chapter, it was a year of work including preparing the old elementary school for little feet again.

Lamoreux said, “It was painting, it was paperwork, it was talking with DCFS. Lots of work but we finally opened, and we opened with about 40 children.”

In just a few years Cari and Stacy have grown nearly four-fold and more youngsters waiting in the wings.

Simons said, “Our waiting list that’s 45 children long and I never ever thought that we would have something like that.”

While Lanark is the roots of Little Sprouts where kids get a chance to play around.

Lamoreux said, “Without the community and all the families that come here, we would not be able to operate.”

They said part of that rapid growth is more than just this town of 1,400.

Simons said, “Parents drive 20 miles out of their way that come here to drop their children because there’s such a need for childcare.”

It makes for a good place to work with plenty of laughter and smiles.

Lamoreux said, “I love getting to go into the different classrooms throughout the day. I love them coming up to me and giving me hugs.”

Little Sprouts also employs more than 20 people from the Lanark area.

Little Sprouts Daycare and Preschool is sponsoring the old school kids games on Saturday of Old Settlers Days

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