Community stands together using butterflies to support local woman

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The city of LeClaire is standing together in solidarity to support a local woman who was injured last week.

Megan Marie is a 43 year old mother of three. She was driving down North Cody Road when a large rock from a truck in front of her hit her windshield, causing her to steer off the road. Megan is being treated in Iowa City now, miles and miles away from her community, but the city of LeClaire is keeping her spirit close while they await her recovery.

To do so — friends, loved ones, and even strangers are placing handmade butterfly stickers up on their windows. This symbolizes hope and love, but also represents Megan. Butterflies have always held a special place in her heart. Megan’s friends say, as a person with Multiple Sclerosis, Megan is a fighter. She has overcome a great deal in her past and has always worked to brighten the lives of others each day — no matter how her own day is going. The logo for those with MS is a butterfly… and Megan has a particular passion for the colorful, beautiful creatures. She helped to start a non-profit, the “QC MS Open: Swing Fore a Cure.” She’s been working to help raise money for others with MS and also serves as a support system for those struggling. Megan works as a physical therapist, so her friends say taking care of others is just a part of her lifestyle — it’s in her heart. They say now it is time the community unifies to take care of her.

Residents have worked together to handmake hundreds of these vinyl butterfly stickers with an “M” for Megan on them. They encourage other LeClaire residents to pick some up at their many sites to place in storefronts, windows, anywhere they can think of two signal their support for Megan — these butterflies are free.

Visit and message for more information about how you can help. The community has also launched a fundraiser for Megan’s family… visit to purchase a t-shirt.

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