They came from Walcott, they came from Blue Grass, all concerned about the potential of ending Walcott Elementary School’s run as the last K-8 school in the Davenport School District. 

Organizers of Tuesday’s meeting at the Walcott American Legion say turning Walcott Elementary into a middle school would affect schools in Blue Grass and Buffalo as well. Speakers expressed their concerns because the Davenport School Board prepares to consider changes to the district map.

Organizers of the meeting urged parents and others concerned to go to school board meetings, write letters to school board members and make sure to complete a school district survey and return it when it becomes available.   

Several spoke at the meeting. Some of the harshest words were aimed at how the district has handled business like this in the past. 

A crowd turned out Tuesday in support of Walcott Elementary School. (photo by Eric Olsen.)

One woman in the audience said, “It’s a mess. I know because I went through it when they closed Johnson and Grant 20 years ago and here we are again making the same stupid decisions.” One of the meeting organizers added “They have a problem with declining enrollment and all they’re doing is cutting costs and closing buildings.”

Local political leaders also attended the informational meeting. Walcott City Councilman Jacob Puck told the audience that the city has sent letters to each Davenport School Board member as well as Superintendent TJ Schneckloth, urging them all not to make changes to Walcott Elementary School.

The next Davenport School Board meeting is Sept. 26.