Complaint included Bettendorf coach asking girls to flirt with athlete

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We’re learning more today in a Local 4 News investigation into allegations against Bettendorf about recruiting practices for their football team.

As we first reported last night, the Iowa High School Athletic Association received a report that was filed by Moline schools.

Today a FOIA request from Moline was returned.

In it, we’re learning that a Moline teacher and Bettendorf football coach is alleged to have been illegally recruiting two Moline athletes for the Bulldogs.

The investigation document Moline High School submitted to IHSAA said, the initial allegation was against teacher and coach Dan Byrne for possible violations of recruiting rules.

According to the report, Byrne told Moline school officials all he did was answer questions for students who approached him about transferring to Bettendorf to play sports. He said that didn’t amount to recruiting.

The report states that Moline Athletic Director spoke with Byrne after the investigation started. During one of those conversations, Byrne is recorded as saying “a lot of athletes want to transfer to Bettendorf because they compete for state trophies and not just conference championships.”

Byrne is also said to have organized a visit to Bettendorf High School for a student and his parents and was present when another Bettendorf football coach provided a tour.

Moline writes in the report that the two students Byrne are said to have attempted to recruit were not in his classes.

During a later point in the investigation, Byrnes is quoted as saying “‘everyone knows he coaches at Bettendorf High school,’ though none of the three Moline staff members in the investigation were aware of his employment with Bettendorf.”

The complaint also says another Bettendorf coach asked girls to “flirt and give their number to” a Moline athlete.

The report said this information was provided to a Moline football coach through a text.

Another MHS coach is said to have confirmed those claims from a former Bettendorf football player.

Another coach told Moline school officials he was introduced to one of the girls at a graduation party who confirmed she was approached to help with Bettendorf recruiting.

Bettendorf tells Local 4 News they’ll provide us with information Friday.

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