Construction is set to begin October 3 for The Current hotel in Davenport.

This is after fencing went up around the hotel and a portion of the wall could be seen separating. Local 4 reached out to the group that owns the Current and Hotel Blackhawk.

“We have spoken with the city. We have also had the engineers out there from Shive Hattery,” Amrit Gill, Restoration St. Louis President & Chairman of the Board, said in an email to Local 4 News. “It is not a structural wall. But it does need to be fixed, and we will have the masons out there, they are scheduled next Tuesday, to go over starting the repairs. Then they will ask Shive to come out again once they have begun to confirm the repair scope and work. Then it will be completed. We anticipate it will take a month to do all of the work. We know the city is ultra hyper vigilant and we completely understand and are doing everything we can to make sure everyone is informed and kept up on the progress. Fortunately we had a full set of engineers drawings from the gut rehabilitation to the building in 2016 that was available to everyone.”

The Current on September 27, 2023. The inspection is focused on loose bricks in the corner. (Bryan Bobb,