Construction company has trailer with roof shingles stolen from client’s driveway

Local News

Ben Wilson, the owner of Wilson Residential Construction dropped off a trailer filled with shingles and other materials to put in a new roof for a home on 1700 block of 68th Street in Davenport. However overnight before the project began, it was stolen when someone hooked it up to their car and drove off with it.

“There’s a lot of money. It was a brand new trailer we bought maybe three and a half months ago so it’s brand new and there’s 2500 dollars worth of materials in the back of it.” Said Wilson. “The other issue is the homeowner is obviously not getting their roof done this weekend so it kind of throws schedule’s and things like that off. It’s just unfortunate for everybody.”

The trailer itself was worth over $8,000 dollars. It was dropped off the day before work was going to begin on the roof, but now that has been delayed.

“Usually that’s what we do is we drop off the trailer with the materials inside of it so that we the workers can pull those out and throw them on the roof.”

Wilson has already repurchased the materials, but he has run into another problem with roof shingles.

“Nationally we are actually running very low on shingles. They are getting very very hard to find. We’ve had several suppliers that don’t have them anymore so getting those materials was already difficult enough.” Wilson said. “Purchasing them a second time isn’t any easier so we do have the materials.”

Adding to the frustration is that this isn’t the first time that Wilson has had equipment stolen from someone’s house.

“It’s more frustrating than you think because actually this is the second time this has happened in the last year. I had a work truck stolen out of Silvis earlier this year.”

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