Construction workers deal with hot temperatures, more road closures

Local News

The 38th Street Resurfacing Project will close off 14th Avenue starting Friday.

The road is expected to be reopened August 9 weather permitting.

Construction workers are still working through the hot temperatures.

Julie Malake, a Davenport resident, has her own advice for construction workers.

“Well, I hope they start early and take a break in the mid day, then pick up when the sun moves over the sky a little bit because nobody should have to be out in that,” she said.

She is finding her own way to beat the heat.

“During mid day, I’m going to find a shady place and a cool drink and lay low and enjoy it,” Malake said.

Steve DePron, a Rock Island resident, knows there’s a price to pay to have nice roads.

“I look at it as positive,” he said. “I know we have to suffer through a little bit of inconvenience, but in the long run, come on, it’s going to be nice to have new roads.”

Eric Poehl, a Rock Island resident, said he feels sorry for the construction workers.

A full map of the closure can be found of the City of Rock Island Government Facebook page.

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