Controversial flyers found amid Bix Run

Local News

DAVENPORT, Iowa- Controversial flyers re-emerge in the Quad Cities, this time in downtown Davenport. The flyers were promoting a “white supremacist” agenda, possibly taking advantage of the Bix crowds.

The flyer was found tucked into a car windshield, Friday afternoon.
These aren’t the first we’ve seen of these flyers. Local 4 news spoke with the owner of a store where the flyers were found.

“Its not necessary we don’t need to be this way with each other. ” Store owner of Sis International Shop, a fair trade store in downtown Davenport, says she was upset when she heard flyers promoting white supremacy were found near her store. She did not want to appear on camera but tells Local 4 News the weekend festivities bringing in thousands of people could’ve been why the flyers were distributed.

“I think they were taking advantage of so many people down town for the Bix.” She’s referring to the National Alliance, a white supremacy group that’s been scattering these kinds of flyers since 2017.

“With all the activity that would be going on downtown davenport last night and this morning and this morning that this would be a great opportunity for them to get their word out,” says Rabbi Henry Karp. He is one of the founders of One Human Family, an organization that combats hate and promotes inclusivity. The rabbi says the group monitors the flyers constantly, adding it’s been a quiet couple of months.

“We need to see what message they’re communicating so that we can best respond to it and promote an alternative message,” says Karp. The rabbi says they’ve been combating what he calls hateful flyers with messages of acceptance with signs displaying welcoming messages. Signs that are also sold at Sis International Shop. “I believe that i’m the only retail outlet that has the welcome signs available,” shares the store owner.

Davenport Police tell Local 4 News they’ve been made aware of the flyers and are patroling the area.

Rabbi Henry Karp is that people to contact One Human Family if anymore flyers are found.

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