What a beautiful, subtle movie about two lost souls in an unlikely friendship.

This “little” drama is one of Jennifer Lawrence’s best performances.

The beginning scenes will tear at your heart. Lawrence plays Lynsey, a soldier who was in an explosion in Afghanistan and finds herself slowly recovering from injuries, both mental and physical. Her caregiver is supportive and understanding as Lynsey begins to gain her independence.

She has lost some of her memory and still hasn’t regained all her physical functions when she is discharged to live with her mother (Linda Emond.) But that’s not exactly a match made in heaven.

When Lynsey takes her truck, which has seen better days, to a mechanic, she meet James (Brian Tyree Henry, “Bullet Train”) who quietly acknowledges Lynsey’s struggles. The two form a tentative friendship, and when they begin to talk about their pasts Lynsey realizes that James, too, is recovering from something, too.

There is so much to love about this movie, which deserves all kinds of accolades. First, it’s one of those rare stories about ordinary people with struggles that feel authentic.

Second, the performances are top-notch. Watch how Lynsey and James stumble awkwardly through their friendship as they navigate a blossoming friendship that’s extremely fragile.

Third, the dialogue is great. This is how real people talk to each other. Screenwriter Ottessa Moshfegh understands the language in the hesitancy and intimacy of a sudden, unexpected friendship.

Movies about redemption and supportive friendships aren’t all that common. This is a no-frills film about friendship whose tone is much like the 1999 “Spring Forward,” one of my favorites (you should check it out, too, if you like “Causeway.”)

A causeway – I looked it up – is a path on an upper point of an embankment across water or a low area. It’s the perfect metaphor for a near-perfect movie.

3 ½ stars

Rated: R for foul language and other adult themes.

Running time: One hour and 32 minutes.

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Watch the trailer here.