I love this film so much, and for so many reasons.

This documentary has so much heart and tells so much about the human spirit and healing. It’s a must-see for anyone who loves documentary storytelling or the beautiful animals with whom we share this Earth.

“Wildcat” refers, partially, to an ocelot, a kind of wild feline that lies in the Peruvian rain forest. It also can be a metaphor for Harry Turner, the human “star” of the film.

Turner was the youngest British soldier stationed in Afghanistan. When he returned from the war, he grappled with PTSD and even tried to commit suicide.

Now he’s in an altogether different environment: He becomes part of an animal rescue in the rain forest.

It’s there he begins to work with Samantha Zwicker, the founder and manager of the rescue.

Will a romance ensue? I won’t tell you that, but I can tell you that the situation certainly lends itself to the possibility.

Turner is responsible for the care of a baby ocelet that will be released into the wild. Because the little animal has been taken from its habitat, it needs to be nurtured for more than a year before it can be released.

Turner needs to teach the ocelet how to survive on its own so it can become a wild animal.

Sometimes, this story is so full of hope that it will tear at your heartstrings. And sometimes it’s so sad it could make you cry (I certainly did.) This takes Turner on a roller coaster ride of emotions and mental struggles.

You will be mesmerized by all the characters – human and otherwise – and how the characters develop.

This is one of the most intense, memorable documentaries you ever will see it.

Rated: R for foul language, and adult material including scenes of death.

Running time: One hour and 48 minutes.

Streaming on prime video.

Watch the trailer here.