Coronavirus forces new restaurant to delay its grand opening

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Restaurants are among those businesses hurting the most.

For one new Mexican restaurant in Muscatine, the virus is spoiling their plans for a grand opening.

The owners had been working on their new restaurant since August.

The Cabaña was scheduled to open in the beginning of the month, but now they are using social media to get the word out for their buisness.

Cathy Sanchez is the co-owner and she said they only open on certain days and offer limited items.

“It affected in the sense that we aren’t able to fully have our menu for everyone to try and we can’t get people in here because of the 6-ft distancing so for now we are just making what we have and hopefully people like it,” said Sanchez.

The owners do plan to have a grand opening once they’re cleared to do so.

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