Coronavirus quarantine: Scott County Health Department gives tips

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We hear the word quarantine, a lot these days associated with people exposed to the coronavirus.

With people traveling to different areas, it can bring up the question of quarantine.

It’s something that can be mandated by the government, your employer, or something you may want to consider voluntarily. That’s if you traveled to an area with a high number of cases are confirmed. It can also be the case if you’ve been around someone exposed to the virus.

Local 4 News reached out to the Scott County Health Department about things you can do to prepare in case a quarantine is warranted.

“It’s a lot of the same things they would do if they were staying home when they are sick. So wanting to make sure that they use good hand-washing. If possible keep away from family members in the home as possible. Use a separate bathroom, change common towels frequently, those kinds of things,” says Amy Thoreson, Scott County Deputy Health Director.

Thoreson says there are other tips that you can follow.

“Use some of the cleaning products that you would normally clean with. Wiping off those common surfaces, like hand sinks, door knobs those kinds of things. The refrigerator handle is also important to wipe down/ Make sure you’re reading the directions as well, cause a lot of those common products still have requirements to how long they need to make contact before they actually kill a germ,” says Thoreson.

Health officials say right now there are no confirmed cases in our viewing area. If you have questions about Covid-19, there is now a 24/7 hotline you can call. That number is 211.

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