Counterfeit cash, meant for use in movies, discovered at Milan Walgreens

Local News

Milan police are investigating the second incident of counterfeit money being passed at Walgreens since February.

On Wednesday, Capt. Chris Johnson said two $20 bills were discovered Sunday evening at Walgreens, where the fake bills were found while staff members counted money from a cash register.

The bills, he said, have “for motion picture use only” printed on them in a font similar to real cash.

“The font is very close,” Johnson said. “If you’re in a hurry and you’re a busy cashier, you’re not going to scrutinize every bill.”

“Back in the spring, we had a rash of these,” Johnson said.

The bills, called “prop money” because they are used in movies, are sold legally online.

Police continue to investigate. A store camera recorded the image of a suspect, he said.

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