The discovery of what may be human bones in a Galesburg home remains under investigation.

“We are sending the bones out to be tested to determine what they are, how old they are, and then we will be investigating further once we have that additional information,” Daniel Hostens, deputy chief of police for the Galesburg Police Department, told Local 4 News. on Wednesday.

The discovery

Shortly after 4:30 p.m. Saturday, a Galesburg Police Officer responded to the 400 block of East Losey Street for a report of the discovery of possible human bones.

A couple who had been doing renovation work around the house found a box of bones. on the floor next to the chimney, the officer’s report says.

“The cardboard box was in deteriorated condition, and it contained what appeared to be human bones due to their sizes,” the officer wrote. “Numerous pieces of old newspaper littered the floor of the attic.”

“There were pieces of old newspaper attached to the hip joint end of the bone,” the officer wrote in a report.

The couple moved into the house in March, the report says.