Couple surprised to find their recently purchased home demolished

Local News

Salome Mulumba and her partner David Luvua had recently purchased a mobile home on Highcliff Estates’ property from a tax auction.

When they came to see the house in person, they knew something was wrong.

“People that was moving because there was a lot of furniture, something in the house. So they were moving stuff and we were like “Ok,” Mulumba said. “There were people who lived there and decided to move.”

Mulumba decided to revisit the house later that day. What she didn’t know, is that the house she just bought, was being destroyed.

“We can go this afternoon and see, Mulumba said. “When we go that afternoon, it was like that picture. So they take everything out. They start breaking the house. And we was confused because we don’t know what to, or who to contact. It’s like ‘Why do they do this?”

Mulumba’s trailer had been up for auction for the past few years, but Highcliff Estates had only just demolished it.

When she bought the trailer, she feels it wasn’t made clear to her that she needed to notify the property.

“I feel like because this has happened to me maybe it can happen for anyone else,” Mulumba said. I think they need to have more explanation to people, so they can understand better what to do.”

Mulumba says that she’ll be getting reimbursed for the money she already spent on the home.

Local 4 News reached out to Highcliff Estates. While they weren’t able to comment, they did confirm the situation.

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