Court documents: Machete case suspect pleads temporary insanity, among other defenses

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A 39-year-old man accused of wielding a machete during a 2020 assault plans to plead temporary insanity, among other defenses, in his case.

Police accuse Martin Georgi of hurting two people shortly before 6 p.m. Oct. 17, 2020, on the 1500 block of West Garfield Street, according to Davenport police and court documents.

According to court documents, defendant Georgi, through his attorney Andrea D. Jaeger, will rely upon the defenses of “diminished responsibility, temporary insanity, and voluntary intoxication.”

Earlier, Scott County Attorney Michael J. Walton told Local 4 News a trial will be scheduled at a pretrial conference. The pretrial conference is scheduled for Oct. 22 in Scott County Court.

The incident last fall

Police say Georgi refused to stop and put down a weapon after breaking into a house.

Georgi “was instructed several times by a uniformed officer” to get on the ground and drop the weapon, but he continued walking through the neighborhood while displaying it in his right hand.

Police say Georgi went to the 2700 block of Washington Street and knocked on the door of a home. When a woman opened the door, Georgi hit her on the left side of the head.

The woman tried to pull the door shut, but Georgi pulled the door back open. She then tried to go around Georgi to get away from him.

As she tried to go around him, Georgi swung the machete at her.

She saw Georgi swing his arm at her, and put her right arm and hand over her head to protect herself. The machete hit the webbing between her right thumb and pointer finger, “causing a severe laceration.”

While Georgi was inside the residence, he struck the woman’s boyfriend twice – once on the left forearm and once on the upper backside of his right arm – with the machete, causing minor injuries.

Both victims sustained “serious but non-life threatening injuries,” a news release from Davenport police says. Both were treated for their injuries.

Police say Georgi further threatened to assault several other people.

Officers found Georgi and launched 40 mm-baton (“less-lethal)” rounds, used a Taser to subdue him and took him into custody.

Georgi remains in Scott County Jail on $85,000 bond.

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