COVID-19 affects K-1 visa for a local engaged couple

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Wedding plans are among the big things that people put on hold because of the pandemic, including those who have significant others living in another country.

Sabrina Vitale was supposed to get married in a few months in December but due to the travel ban and her fiancé inability to get a visa, she doesn’t know when her special day will happen. Her fiancé lives in Italy and can’t get his K-1 visa.

“At the national visa center which they can not send it to the general consulate of Naples due to the travel ban the consulates are saying that because of this travel ban they can not move forward with these visas due to it posing a risk or a health risk for our communities when individuals are entering the country,” said Vitale.

According to Moline immigration attorney Dolores Tapia, the first travel ban was on April 22 and it was supposed to be for 60 days but it was later extended.

“On June 26th he said now until December 21st so it’s going to take some time it’s going to take a while after December 21st whether it’s this president or the next president to get things going,” said Tapia.

Vitale later found out she wasn’t the only one going through this.

“I stumbled upon a group that was started by other members of the K-1 community or fiance visa and it’s called Resume K-1 visa on Facebook it is a platform where we can all come together and ask appropriate questions.” said Vitale.

The group has also started a petition called #LetUsMarry.

“Our goal as a group is to raise awareness and to get answers in order to strive exemption from the travel ban in order to continue our legal visa process and be able to marry our loved ones,” said Vitale.

The petition needs to get 100,000 signatures in, to get a response from the White House.

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