The COVID-19 vaccination is now available for children ages 5-11 in Illinois and Iowa.

Some health departments in the area have already received the vaccine; however, supplies of the pediatric doses for Pfizer’s vaccine are limited.

The Cedar County Health Department is still waiting to receive these doses but already have a plan in place for when the time comes.

“We received the ancillary supplies today so we expect that the vaccine will arrive tomorrow or early next week,” said Bonnie Butler with Cedar County Health Department.

Bonnie emphasized that they are prepared to administer the pediatric Pfizer vaccine as soon as it arrives. In terms of a roll-out plan: “We’ll send our public health nurse to administer those to students in school as long as their parents have consented and then we’ll come back in 21 days and give them their second dose.”

For children in need of more support, Butler suggested that “It’s a great idea to make an appointment with their healthcare provider or make an appointment at Cedar Valley Health office so they can be treated just a little differently than in a public setting.”

Local pharmacies have also been receiving the pediatric Pfizer vaccine,

Hy-Vee said in a statement: “Pediatric Pfizer vaccine supply is very limited right now, but we do have some locations in the Quad Cities that have received doses and have appointments scheduled to vaccinate children ages 5-11. Pediatric COVID-19 vaccines are by appointment only at Hy-Vee.”

With the holiday season around the corner Butler says she is “hoping that we can get together with a little more normalcy. And I think a lot of families who are concerned about having these younger kids are excited about possibly having a more normal holiday season.”

For the Illinois side, both Rock Island County and Whiteside County will begin administering the vaccine tomorrow by appointment only.

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