COVID outbreak strikes Scott County Jail

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There is now a COVID outbreak at the Scott County Jail in Davenport, according to the Scott County Sheriff’s Department, with 25 inmates testing positive.

On Nov. 2, a Scott County inmate who had been in the jail for several months was symptomatic for COVID and tested positive — the first indication that the virus had made it past preventative measures which were put in place at the beginning of the pandemic, according to a Monday release.

As a result, two rounds of inmate testing have taken place so far. A total of 25 inmates have tested positive with only 2 of them being symptomatic. At this time, 12 inmates remain positive and are on COVID quarantine, the release said. Both those fully vaccinated and unvaccinated are amongst those that did test positive. There have been an average of about 312 inmates total in jail during the month of November.

One of the inmates who did test positive was an inmate worker who worked in the jail kitchen preparing meals. Inmate laundry and food preparation are done by inmates to reduce the cost to the taxpayer, the Monday release said. Those services are currently being performed by jail correctional staff temporarily while a replacement group of inmate workers is being trained. This has caused increased overtime to the correctional officers who are already short staffed.

The Scott County Jail is short 10 correctional officers, plus there are four correctional officers currently off with COVID, the release said. Inmates and staff are not under a vaccine mandate. The positive cases were limited to general population, dorm, and the female housing unit with one positive female inmate. The booking area, intake housing, flex housing, and special management had no positive cases, the release said.

The Scott County Jail has been fortunate to not have any previous outbreaks during this pandemic, officials said.

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