Coworkers become family after one simple question

Local News

Two co-workers in Moline show that you can make friends anywhere, at any age.

Raymond Spindel works in the meat department and Ruth Darr hands out free samples at the Fareway Grocery in Moline.

“I love it,” said Ruth Darr. “The store’s like my family.”

She’s been working there for 14 years.

“The meat department is unreal,” she said. “They’re so kind I call them my kids.”

Ruth has never had kids or grandkids of her own. That all changed about two weeks ago.

“On Grandparents Day, I finally asked her to be my grandparent because it was my first Grandparents Day without my personal grandma and she’s never had a grandmother’s day,” said Ray Spindel.

Ray gave her flowers and a card. The card said, ‘Thank you for stepping up as a grandmother for me.’

“He handed me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and this grandparents card with a note in it and I said, well what is this for? And he said, well my grandma died last December and every year I gave her a bouquet of flowers and this year I thought, you’re going to be my grandma,” Darr said.

And now they’re family.

“She was in tears the whole time,” Spindel said.

Ruth said she wants to continue working at the store for as long as she can. She will be 85 in January.

“Everybody just loves Ruth,” Spindel said. “She’s like the grandmother and the mother of this whole place.”

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