People around the Quad Cities are remembering the two men killed on the I-74 bike and pedestrian path two weeks ago.

21-year-old Ethan Gonzalez and 18-year-old Anthony Castaneda died after they suffered injuries after being struck by an SUV driving down the path on Sunday, May 22. Another person hit by the same SUV was 22-year-old Charles Bowen, who has survived his injuries thus far.

Gonzalez and Bowen worked at Happy Joe’s in East Moline, where employees and managers are now looking back on their time spent with Gonzalez. They say Gonzalez was always full of energy, loved talking to people and was kind to everyone. They also say some of his hobbies included gaming, listening to different kinds of music and taking walks with friends, just as he was doing on the I-74 path.

“He was so calm and just so together, and such a sweet kid,” said Faith Faulkner, a manager at Happy Joe’s in East Moline who worked with Gonzalez all three years he was an employee at the store.

Faulkner says Gonzalez was the employee she trusted to train all newcomers, because she knew he was special and got along with everybody.

“Ethan was one of those kids that would have done something to change the world,” Faulkner said. “That’s just his personality and his loving spirit.”

Faulkner says that while she didn’t know the other victim, Castaneda, she knows Gonzalez and him were good friends, and Gonzalez talked about him all the time.

“I didn’t know Anthony very much, but from what I hear, he was an awesome kid too,” Faulkner said.

Another person at Happy Joe’s looking back fondly on memories with Gonzalez is Vincent Reich, a delivery driver at the restaurant. Reich says he wasn’t just coworkers with Gonzalez, but also good friends, because they bonded over their mutual love for online gaming years ago.

“He was a great friend,” Reich said. “He always understood. And he was there, (he was) someone to talk to. We would go out on nights … we’d just walk around at night and talk.”

Reich says one of their favorite things to do together, along with gaming, was building model kits from an anime series called “Gundam.” He says with his friend gone, it makes the current kit he’s working on an extra special one.

“The one kit that I’m building now was a kit that he helped me (with), or told me to buy,” Reich said. “So I’m making sure it’s perfect.”

Reich also said he’s been texting with Bowen since the incident on the walkway, and Bowen has told him over text that he’s now back home from the hospital. Reich says that while Bowen is still in pain, he says he’s doing much better physically.