Coyotes catch a cold in Port Byron man’s latest book of poetry

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Sal Marici’s newest book of poetry is “Sneezing Coyotes,” published by Ice Cube Press.

Just in time for cooler weather, it’s fitting that Salvatore Marici’s latest book of poetry is called “Sneezing Coyotes.”

The 71-page volume — from the 66-year-old who divides his time between Port Byron, Ill., and Naples Fla. — is being published by Ice Cube Press, North Liberty, Iowa, and is available for pre-order at $19.99. Its release date is Nov. 11.

The author describes the book as an “earthly and surreal collection of poetry ranging from science, rats and pigs, confessions to romance. Lust, travel and ecology.” The imagery in Marici’s “Sneezing Coyotes” combines the faraway to the close at home — linking us to the busy streets of Hanoi, the killing fields of Cambodia, collapsing barns in the Midwest, as well as the life of Latin American Campesinos. Tuna casseroles becoming the catalyst for discovery.

This is Marici ‘s fourth book of poetry.  He was the 2010 Midwest Writing Center Poet in Residence, has judged poetry contests, placed in poetry contests, teaches workshops and attend workshops that masters of the poetry craft taught.

A portrait of the 66-year-old author, who lives in Port Byron and Naples, Fla. (during the winter months).

His poetry has appeared in Toasted Cheese, Spillway, Prairie Gold: An Anthology of the American Heartland, Of Burgers & Barrooms a Main Street Rag anthology, Poetry Quarterly and many more. Marici served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala as a natural resources specialist and he is a civil servant retiree/ agronomist. In Southwest Florida, he is learning to maneuver a 17-foot kayak. During the summer he grows garlic in Western Illinois.

Ice Cube Press — which itself is celebrating 30 years as an independent publisher — has gathered voluminous praise for “Sneezing Coyotes.” Among the raves —

“Every line of ‘Sneezing Coyotes’ lures the reader into a rich, earthy underworld of decay, disease, disappearances, ghosts. Barbed images bite and sink deep, a sensuous bouquet for the ear and tongue, a deep stab to the heart. Marici’s dry, unblinking gaze bears homage and witness, catching readers at the brink of despair and lifting them to possibility. Laced with sweetness and horror, violence and reverence, grime and new growth, this is Marici’s best collection yet—utterly unforgettable.” — Misty Urban, author of “My Day As Regan Forrester.”

“Sneezing Coyotes leaves no aspect of life unexamined. Infused with sharp observations both personal and worldly, Marici’s newest collection of poems radiate with a full range of senses and emotions while taking the reader on a geographical and spiritual journey spanning space and time. It’s through this journey Marici helps us see his array of ‘networks of living systems/grown from the dead in soil,’ and that death is a way of life not to be feared, but embraced.” — Kali White VanBaale, author of “The Monsters We Make” and “The Good Divide.”

“Unpretentious, accessible poems that have the capacity to make you smile with recognition or alternately to weep from the longing, loss, and human want that is our common experience, no matter where in the world we live or travel.” — Carolyn Martin, host of Talking Art, WVIK, Quad Cities NPR.

Marici’s book is available to order HERE.

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