Credit Island Lodge sets reopening date

Local News

Credit Island Lodge set a reopening date after being destroyed from the historic Spring flooding.

Betsy Tubbs, Senior Parks Manager said the first event will be a primary election in the lodge October 8th. Clean up will be finished by September 30th.

“This was by far our largest and most sustained flood and probably the most damage we have seen,” said Chad Dyson, Davenport Director of Parks and Recreation.

They lost access to the island March 16th and couldn’t get back on for almost one hundred days.

Crews still need to repair the flooring and electric wiring in Credit Island Lodge.

Tubbs said the damage could have been much worse.

“It does have a smart vent system, which is a flood friendly system,” she said. “So the building itself did not sustain any major damage but did have a significant amount of water it.”

The smart vent system prevents excessive pressure on the outside, which could further damage the facility.

The Davenport Parks and Recreation Department is continuing to clean up the island.

“The one thing about the island, it’s resilient and it does flood and has a history of that so it’s nothing that we are not used to,” Dyson said.

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