Crime Stoppers asks public to help end gun crime

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A push to get criminals off the street.. and keep local families safe.

To do it, Crime Stoppers is asking for your help.

Local 4 News has covered more than 50 gunfire incidents across the area so far this year. The growing number has Crime Stoppers determined to track down every fugitive still on the loose.

One way they do that is to offer reward money for tips that help make those arrests. Detective Jon Leach says Crime Stoppers has a surplus of money left over that was dedicated to gun crimes from last year that has them beefing up those rewards.

Bullets continue to ring out in the Quad Cities. Gun crimes have been on the rise, but local law enforcement is committed to getting the guns and criminals off the streets.

In 2020 the Crime Stoppers board of directors allotted $20,000 to combat gun crimes in the Quad Cities and right now they still have some of it left over.

“We still have a little over $10,000 left of that money in the bank,” Leach said. “We’d like to give it out, we’d like to solve some of our gun crimes, so if anyone in the public knows of a felon with a firearm, any crimes that were committed with a gun, contact Crime Stoppers.”

Crime Stoppers would like nothing more than to give away all that money as soon as possible.

“I want to get it down to nothing and then I want to get another big purse of money together again, and we’ll do it all over again, so gun crimes are very serious. Every agency in the Quad Cities is struggling with the gun crimes,” Leach said.

The bottom line is law enforcement wants to get these criminals off the streets before innocent people get struck by gunfire.

“It’s just been a very dangerous summer,” Leach said. “And any way that we can get some of these people that think it’s okay to go shooting at people off the streets, it’s a good thing.”

Gun crime is something every law-enforcement agency in the area takes very seriously.

“I know there’s a lot of work being put in to getting the shooters off the streets,” Leach said. “We see it every day, the hard work the agencies in the Quad Cities do.”

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