Criminal caught on home security camera

Local News

Home security footage shows a truck hitting a parked car and driving away, which led to finding the criminal.

Jeff Koehler, who lives in Bettendorf, posted the video of his daughter’s car getting hit on his Facebook. It was shared almost 100 times.

After watching more of the footage, he saw the truck again, which was only a few blocks away from his house. He gave the license plate and address to the police.

“Without the camera, I would have had no idea what or who caused the damage,” Koehler said. “The camera allowed me the narrow the search.”

Detective Mike Griffin with the Moline Police Department agrees that security cameras can help solve crimes.

“Privately owned security cameras are a huge benefit to us,” Griffin said. “It’s definitely another investigative tool that we have.”

He said people are very willing to give law enforcement their surveillance video.

“People don’t want crime in their own neighborhood so people do whatever they can to help,” he said.

Griffin is glad to have a partnership with the community and is grateful for people who share their security video.

“Anytime the community and the police work together it’s an unbeatable team. There’s no criminal out there that can beat it.”

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