Scott County’s new House of Representative member, Ken Croken, will hold a one hour town hall meeting on Saturday, January 21 at 9 a.m. at the Davenport Public Library’s Eastern Branch, 6600 Eastern Avenue. He will discuss the focus areas during his term in office and gather feedback from constituents. He represents the newly created 97th Iowa House District, which includes much of east and central Davenport. He was assigned to several legislative committees for the upcoming session, including the Administration and Rules, Labor, Local Government, and Ways and Means as well as the Justice Systems Budget Sub-committee within Appropriations. “I believe Leadership has chosen well these assignments for me since they capitalize on my skills and background as a business executive, attorney, worker rights advocate and former county supervisor,” he said.

Croken announced that he has recruited Sam Rothbardt of Bettendorf to serve as his Legislative Clerk during the 2023 session. Rothbardt is a 2020 honors graduate of Pleasant Valley High School and is studying Strategic Political Communication and Law, Politics and Society at Drake University in Des Moines.