Crow Valley Golf Club is partnering with Humility Homes and Services to feed people for an Easter dinner. Recently all members at the homeless shelter were moved to two area hotels. It was an opportunity that Crow Valley General Manager, Three Carpenter jumped at.

“We just shifted gears a little bit this afternoon to be able to provide about 110 meals that we’re putting together that will then be delivered to the two locations that the participants are then currently housed at.” Said Carpenter. “We were glad to have the opportunity to be a part of it.”

Recently Humility Homes and Services moved all of the people housed there into hotels. The homeless are among the most vulnerable to spread the Coronavirus. Executive Director Ashley Velez said it was really important to get them off the streets and help them with social distancing.

“Reasoning for that is we wanted to do our part to flatten the curve.” Said Velez. “We didn’t have the ability to help them to do the CDC recommendations of keeping individuals you know three to six feet apart in shelter settings. So we moved them to hotels and that”s where we have everybody housed safely now.”

During this time everyone is at risk and it’s crucial to find ways to meet everyone’s needs.

“Individuals function in a state of crisis as you know they’re trying to meet their basic needs and when the whole world is in crisis it just heightened it.”